Principal / Premium Partners




Albuquerque Exhibiting Vendor Directory

The following companies/organizations are scheduled to exhibit at the Annual Conference & Expo in Albuquerque (shaded areas denote sold booths)

Please Note:
All Exhibit Booths, Annexes, and Repair Vehicles are
SOLD OUT for the 2012 Albuquerque Expo

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Floor Plan

Exhibit Booths

Vendor exhibits enable companies to introduce new products or services to a target audience and maximize exposure to current and prospective customers. The following companies will be in attendance at the IAHCSMM 2012 Annual Conference & Expo:

3M Health Care: Infection Prevention Solutions
Premium Partner
Booth 119

Advanced Sterilization Products
Premium Partner
Booth 319

Advantage Support Services
Booth 617

AdvanTech, Inc.
Booth 210

Premium Partner
Booth 129

Booth 419

Apiary Medical
Booth 318

Aspen Surgical
Booth 625

ASSI – Accurate Surgical
Booth 414

Batrik Medical Manufacturing
Professional Partner
Booth 731

Booth 429

Best Practice Professionals
Professional Partner
Booth 832

Professional Partner
Booth 623

Blickman Inc.
Booth 300

Capsa Solutions
Professional Partner
Booth 613

Cardinal Health
Booth 406

Premium Partner
Booth 723

Case Medical
Premium Partner
Booth 329

Booth 715

Cenorin, LLC
Booth 408

Premium Partner
Booth 512

Premium Partner
Booth 301

Certus Medical
Booth 615

Premium Partner
Booth 113

CS Medical
Booth 727

Cygnus Medical
Premium Partner
Booth 413

Dana Products, Inc.
Booth 305

Booth 109

Premium Partner
Booth 423

Envision, Inc.
Booth 205

Five Star Surgical, Inc.
Booth 410

General Hospital Supply
Professional Partner
Booth 213

Getinge USA
Premium Partner
Booth 101

Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd.
Booth 518

Healthcare Purchasing News
Booth 324

Healthmark Industries
Premium Partner
Booth 505

Hupfer, USA
Booth 208

IAHCSMM 2013 Annual
Conference and Expo

San Diego, CA
Town and Country Resort
Booth 105

IAHCSMM Chapters
Booth 304

Booth 101

IAHCSMM Government Affairs
Booth 200

IAHCSMM Publications
Booth 202

Infection Control Today
Booth 712

Professional Partner
Booth 710

Booth 724

Integrated Medical Systems, Inc.
Premium Partner
Booth 533

Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, LLC
Premium Partner 
Booth 713

KEM Medical
Booth 313

Key Surgical
Premium Partner
Booth 511

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Premium Partner
Booth 817

LogiQuip, LLC
Booth 829

Materials Management Microsystems
Professional Partner
Booth 619

MED Alliance Solutions, LLC
Booth 816

Medisafe America, LLC
Premium Partner
Booth 123

Booth 719

Mercy Ships
Booth 725

Booth 209

Midbrook Medical
Booth 302

Miele Professional
Booth 403

Mobile Instrument Service and Repair, Inc.
Premium Partner
Booth 231

Novia Strategies / Novia Solutions
Booth 430

Nuell, Inc.
Professional Partner
Booth 303

Olympus America, Inc.
Booth 714

Booth 201

PDQ Precision
Booth 207

Booth 219

Prezio Health
Professionel Partner
Booth 831

Priority One
Booth 309

Purdue University
Booth 204

Pure Processing
Booth 830

Raco Industries
Booth 716

Booth 402

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments
Professional Partner
Booth 833

Ruhof Corporation
Premium Partner
Booth 523

Booth 609

Scientek Technology Corporation
Booth 733

Select Healthcare Products
Booth 611

SERC Products, LLC
Booth 225

Serim Research Corporation
Booth 616

SIPS Consults
Booth 404

Booth 835

Premium Partner
Booth 527

Spectrum Surgical Instruments
Premium Partner
Booth 500

SPSmedical Supply Corporation
Premium Partner
Booth 517

Steelco USA, Inc.
Booth 229

Sterile Concepts Consulting
Booth 932

SterilMed, Inc.
Booth 223

STERIS Corporation
Premium Partner
Booth 631

Premium Partner
Booth 312

Stryker Instruments
Booth 320

Stryker Sustainability Solutions
Booth 311

Suburban Surgical
Booth 409

Summit Medical
Booth 331

Symmetry Surgical
Booth 405

TBJ, Inc
Booth 315

Teleflex Medical
Professional Partner
Booth 412

TGX Medical Systems, LLC
Booth 401

Professional Partner
Booth 930

Total Repair Express
Booth 221

Booth 717

Ultra Clean Systems
Professional Partner
Booth 823

United Biotech
Booth 307

US Urology
Booth 828

Booth 123

Waterloo Healthcare
Booth 814

Welmed Inc.
Booth 826

Learning Annexes

Learning Annexes offer dedicated space to display, demonstrate or educate on products or services to 20 attendees at a time. These sessions are held on the exhibit floor within private enclosed rooms. The following vendors will have demonstrations during the indicated hours:

Annex A
9am-2:30pm: Spectrum Surgical

Annex B
9am-2:30pm: Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, LLC

Annex C
9am-11am: ChemDAQ
12pm-2pm:  Certol

Annex D
9am-2:30pm: Key Surgical

Annex E
9am-2:30pm: 3M Health Care: Infection Prevention Solutions

Annex F
9am-2:30pm: Valisafe

Annex G
9am-11am: Integrated Medical Systems, Inc.
12pm-2pm:  Best Practice

Annex H
9am-11am:  STERIS Corporation
12pm-2pm:  IAHCSMM Shop Talk

Repair Vehicles

Vendor repair and education vehicle displays will bring attendee and vendor experts together for hands-on education or demonstrations of the instrument repair process. The following vendors will have vehicles on display:

Repair Vehicle 1:

Repair Vehicle 2:
Mobile Instrument

Repair Vehicle 3:
Karl Storz Endoscopy – America, LLC

Repair Vehicle 4:
Spectrum Surgical

Repair Vehicle 5:
Integrated Medical Systems

Repair Vehicle 6:

Repair Vehicle 7:
Kimberly-Clark Corporation