Welcome to the Account Portal!

Upon entrance to this restricted area of the website, you will have immediate access to key aspects of your IAHCSMM account. Inside the Account Portal, you will be able to view the following information:

  • A snapshot of your contact information (simply highlight and edit fields and click submit to send us any changes)
  • All Lesson Plans completed online at www.iahcsmm.org
  • Which certifications you currently hold and when they are due for further renewal

Additionally, the Account Portal will allow access to the following areas:

  • Access to our bi-monthly Enewsletter: Central Source

Central Source

  • Access to the Discussion Forum


  • Access to an online members only version of Communiqué



To access the Account Portal, please have your account number ready. Enter in your First Name, Last Name and your Account number in the corresponding fields in the blue navigation field on the upper left of this page. If your account is current and in good standing with IAHCSMM, you will be immediately redirected to the Account Portal. If you receive an error message, we encourage you to check your account status with IAHCSMM by emailing mailbox@iahcsmm.org.

Internet Browser Compatibility: a modern browser (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.0) is recommended for use with this page. AOL Users: If you use AOL as your Internet Service Provider, you will log into your AOL account as normal. You must minimize AOL and then launch either Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.0 separately.

*Because this is a restricted area of the website, intended for the personal viewing of your account information, we highly recommend that you do not distribute your account number to anyone other than your immediate supervisors or your Human Resources Department.